LINGUA Preparation in Lahore

LINGUA Preparation in Lahore

This is probably one of the basic questions any one has when he’s considering LINGUA for his proof of language proficiency, in fact I was also one of them; as always, I straight away googled it but what a disappointment, all I had was an introduction of sub-tests and tutorials. When I say how to prepare for LINGUA I’m actually asking what tools do I need for it. Trust me, I hardly received any related guidance.

So, here I present a list of tools you would need for your LINGUA exam preparation:

1. Start early.

Obviously it relies upon your present degree of English yet even applicants whose language level is test prepared still need to set aside some effort to get ready appropriately. LINGUA is a high-stakes English test. This implies your outcomes are utilized by associations who require the most significant levels of security and legitimacy from them. All things considered, fruitful up-and-comers will be liable for the wellbeing and security of patients.

Maybe it’s useful to consider it like your driving test. Do you recollect the sentiment of figuring out how to drive? Somewhere close to fervor and dread? You wouldn’t have considered booking your driving test until you felt certain that you could play out all the necessary moves, start and stop the vehicle securely and drive in an assortment of climate conditions.

LINGUA is the equivalent. You have to give yourself an opportunity to plan for the various pieces of the test. Despite the fact that you will discover the setting of the test commonplace, you shouldn’t accept you can apply for the test and expert it the first run through around on the off chance that you haven’t set aside the effort to plan. To come back to the vehicle relationship, envision you are stepping through a second driving exam in a vehicle with the controls on the opposite side to those you are utilized to. The nation where you are stepping through the subsequent exam drives on the opposite side of the street. Despite the fact that you are a decent driver in your own nation, you would at present need to set aside some effort to plan and acclimate yourself with how the vehicle works from the opposite side and the street rules of the subsequent nation. It bodes well.

2. Be reasonable with yourself.

This identifies with the past point. We know LINGUA is extraordinary. Accomplishing effective LINGUA evaluations can possibly take you and your family to another nation changing the manner in which you live and work. We need to assist you with arriving at the earliest opportunity BUT you should be practical about to what extent this will take.

Take one of the example tests accessible on our site and imprint your responses for Listening and Reading utilizing the appropriate response key. On the off chance that you approach an English educator or a companion with local standard English, request criticism on your Writing and Speaking.


What were the outcomes? How close would they say they are to where they should be?

3. Know your shortcomings

Don’t simply concentrate on what number of questions you got right or what you did well in Speaking and Writing. It’s great to realize your qualities however it’s significantly more essential to know your shortcomings.

As you take a gander at your off-base answers or mix-ups, ask yourself these inquiries:

• Why did I commit this error? Was it from not perusing the inquiry cautiously, surging, absence of information about language, jargon and so forth.

• How would i be able to abstain from committing this error next time? The response to this inquiry is probably going to identify with your response to the past question.

4. Comprehend the appraisal criteria

Just as understanding why you committed errors, you additionally should be clear with what the assessor is anticipating that you should exhibit in the test.

For each piece of the test there is data about evaluation. For Writing and Speaking especially there are level descriptors of every foundation which assist you with understanding the way LINGUA assessors grade you.



Tuning in


5. Improve your aptitudes

Presently you have an unmistakable comprehension of your qualities and shortcomings, invest energy attempting to improve them.

This doesn’t mean taking practice test after training test. This will do is make you acquainted with the test design. You won’t run over similar subjects and inquiries on test day so instead of concentrating on the organization, center around your language abilities.

Watch the LINGUA Masterclasses. Regardless of whether you’ve just watched them once, watch them once more. With your new information of what you have to improve, you will have a more clear comprehension about how to apply the methodologies they incorporate.

Join a Facebook Live Q+A session. These are held two times per month and are an open door for you to ask an LINGUA master your readiness inquiries.

Take a crack at a Preparation Course. It is difficult examining alone. Our Premium Preparation course suppliers offer courses which will have a huge effect to your language level and give you a superior possibility of progress on test day. In the event that there isn’t one neighborhood to you, pick one of the suppliers offering on the web courses.

Self-study. Utilize the materials accessible to you on the LINGUA site and @OfficialLINGUA Facebook page. We update these routinely with tips, language articles, blog entries and so forth. Likewise consider buying arrangement material from the shop including practice test books, coursebooks and so forth.

6. Apply when you are prepared.

Try not to race into applying until you feel sure you have the language aptitudes you requirement for the evaluation you need. I realize you are arranging your new life as of now yet you’ll arrive much speedier on the off chance that you go mindfully now. With the correct readiness, you can step through the examination and get the outcomes you need without the requirement for resits or rehashed study. It will satisfy over the long haul.

7. Guide to exam structure:

The very first thing to commence with LINGUA is its exam structure. You need to know what to prepare for before going to pick up your instruments. You can find the detailed exam structure in my upcoming blog post.

8.Assessment Test:

The next step is to assess yourself so that, you can plan your study accordingly. Now that’s a bit tricky for LINGUA because although you just need a sample test to assess yourself, you won’t be able to evaluate your writing and speaking unless you have an experienced facilitator. And the good news is, you can take a diagnostic test for only Rs 1000 at LINGUAXpert.

9.Practice tests:

It is said that practice makes a man perfect, however, I say ‘not practicing will make you regret’. I know bulk of health professionals who have excellent English language skills but failed Language Exams due to lack of practice. Let’s get it straight, LINGUA is more than learning language, it has a structured approach that you need to learn to ace it. Therefore, never go unprepared because there are high chances you will score less than B in one of the sub-tests. Now, the point is that there is limited preparatory material available on LINGUA 2.0, in the market. Moreover, mostly material from unauthenticated sources is substandard, leading to stress and ill-preparation. For an exam like LINGUA you need quality material, prepared by experts.

10. Notes:

What I suggest is, opt for smart study instead of hard study. How would you do that? Work on exam strategies, ace your exam and hit your target. Making notes is a hectic and time consuming task but totally worth to succeed and you can save this effort by subscribing a suitable course at LINGUAXPERT and get everything premade for you.

11. Tips & Tricks:

Handy tips not only help you prepare and perform well on exam day but they also act as stress relievers. A good idea is to pen down whenever you come across a great tip, so that you’d be able to access them easily at the time of need. Let me remind you here LINGUAXPERT has an effective and practical compilation of such prompts and the best part is you can find them free on LINGUAEXPERT Facebook and Instagram, so join them now.

12. A Facilitator:

Now, that is the point where a lot of people make mistakes because unlike IELTS, LINGUA’s writing and speaking is different which can not be handled by every English language tutor rather an LINGUA expert instructor is needed. Writing and speaking are the two most critical subtests, the reason being they are totally different from other English language tests and are specifically designed for health professionals i.e. referral letter. It requires a great deal of experience. So, I’d recommend you should thoroughly look into such details before selecting your facilitator.

13. Mocks:

Last but not the least, mock exams will help you meter your progress as well as develop your stamina for the actual exam. Exam setting and difficulty maintaining continuous focus are proven factors behind poor progress in exam therefore, mock exams can greatly enhance your performance on the day, so, never take them light.

That’s all you would need to excel LINGUA. Although candidates have customized needs, I believe it will take two to four weeks for an average person to prepare for LINGUA.

Need a head start to your preparation? Select one of our premium courses now!

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