On the test day!

On the test day!

Are you going to sit LINGUA? It’s a must read for you! There are plenty of things you need to know to give your best. Exams aren’t just about how well you’ve studied, preparing for the exam day is equally important.

First things first, which is your ID. Do not forget to take your id with you. Then comes the things that you need to carry. Although, you will receive an email from LINGUA help desk telling you to bring your own stationary, they will provide you with all the necessary stationary at the center so there’s no need to bother that. You just have to take a transparent label-less water bottle.

So, the checklist isn’t very long; just the ID and a transparent water bottle. The next important thing for you to know is you’re not going to get any proper break between the all sub-tests, moreover, no snacks allowed, so, have good meal and stay hydrated to keep your energy levels up during this approximately three hours long test. REMEMBER, in Listening sub-test and Reading sub-test Part A you would not be able to use restroom, in addition, leaving exam room in first and last ten minutes of any sub-test is not allowed. So, here’s a pro tip; take a trip ten minutes before the start of exam regardless you feel like or not.

Another thing is sound sleep; trust me this isn’t the test before which you can pull all-nighter on as your senses needed at their fullest, in fact, you cannot afford losing your concentration, therefore, do not risk it.

Lastly, keep your nerves controlled; often it’s likely you’re lacking; keep yourself calm and focused. If you do not understand anything read it again, if you still don’t get, skip, move forward and get back to later. Mocks train you to tolerate test stress and will greatly improve your performance on the test day, join one of our courses to be a part of our standardized mocks.

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